Troubleshooting an extension using the logs

Hi all - I’m a new admin to FreePBX/Asterisk and I’m still getting to grips with it all.

One of my users has a small issue with their extension, when they receive an internal call from one specific user it is going straight to voicemail even when the extension is not being used.

Only seems to happen when Ext:3202 calls Ext:3216.

So I’m trawling through the logs trying to find out why this may be happeneing, it seems to start here:

[2014-02-20 14:07:20] VERBOSE[29220][C-00008a0b] pbx.c: – Executing [*3216@from-internal:1] Macro(“SIP/3202-000015ff”, “vm,3216,DIRECTDIAL,”) in new stack

I have copied out what I believe to be the full log of that particular transaction.

I’ve not asked either of the users to restart their phones yet, which I may do next and if it becomes a major issue I may temporarily disable voicemail on 3216 until I find out the root cause.

Any thought of what to check / look at - as I say I’m pretty new to this currently.

Any pointers would be much appreciated.



*3216 is direct to the voicemail of 3216 check that the extension is not in DND.

Thanks for the tip - just had the user check the DND status on their phone and it is deactivated.