Trouble with Transferring

Freepbx 13, Yealink T38G, sipstation provider.

Having some trouble with transferring calls… occasionally when we receive an incoming call, the person who answers has some strange problems. Instead of transferring, the caller appears to just go on hold. Upon retrieving the call from hold and using (##) to trigger the transfer instead of the transfer button, it will work most of the time.

Here’s a transcript of the logs (full) for a call with similar trouble. I’m having a hard time figuring out what’s going wrong… any ideas?
^ Log

This would be something with your yealink phone and firmware. Transfer is handled in the phone itself.

Thanks Tony. I would expect to have an easy time of firmware and configuration for the phone because of our commercial EPM module, but the phone was discontinued back in 6/2015, and there hasn’t been any new firmware updates in a long while. I’m recommending a phone replacement to resolve the issue, since it sounds like there might be some bugs in how the T38G handles transferring.

we are running a number of sites with t38’s and so far, knock on wood, we have not experienced any transfer issues.

Every once in a while, a phone just stops working as it should. I replaced the phone and trained the user and everything has been working fine since.