Trouble with SIPSTATION module (SOLVED)

So when I go to put in my sipstation key it throws up a internal server error (500)… If I put no key in then it tells me that it is an invalid key… and if I put junk it throws the (500) again.

This error is what pops up in the error.log under apache2, and no errors show in the debug log.

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /var/www/freepbx/admin/modules/sipstation/sipstation.utility.php on line 234, referer: hxxp://

I am running 2.10 FreePBX and Asterisk 10 which I built from scratch without trouble (this time anywho… 5th or 6th time is the charmed one) and I am running on Debian Squeeze. The amportal.conf file is writable, I believe all of the folders have the correct permissions and user/group names, and I am fairly positive that my firewall is setup correctly because this is on openvz and I still have the previous build that runs the module perfectly. This is probably just a stupid mistake I made that is causing this like usual, but I just don’t know what it could be.

And first, yes, it has to be Debian, I have spent somewhere around a thousand hours over the last 3 or 4 months learning (some) Debian, and have way too much on the other VPS’s to switch right now. Second, please, I know I can set everything up manually, but part of the reason I went with sipstation is the module, so unless there is nothing works to correct this I don’t really want a lot of people just telling me to stop being lazy and do it myself.

Sorry for the rant but it never fails that someone comes up and says something like this. Some people ask because they want to learn about how to fix the problem and not just avoid it… ok, I’m done.

Thanks in advance X-D

EDIT: so I am still playing around with it, but to me it seems like I don’t have curl setup properly… I don’t know what else I need to do to set it up, and I do have the modules installed but maybe not configured properly?

EDIT (SOLVED): So that was it, I had curl (and libcurl or something) installed, but not php-curl… could it be a new requirement or something? Because I checked across 10 to 15 different install tutorials for anything from Debian to Centos and none of them mention php-curl… How I eventually figured it out was that I was in the trunk install to get one up so that we could still get faxes and when I went to the dial prefix wizard it told me about it. If it’s not too difficult I definitely think that you should put one the same popup on the sipstation module (if you guys are in charge of that anywho)

Thanks for the forum and the products, they are fantastic and I love FreePBX