Trouble with receiving Faxes

I have to separate freepbx installs.
one is
I have the DAHDI set to detect faxes.
I have one extension enabled to receive faxes and a custom DID / Incoming route from the PRI. If i send a fax to that DID i get the email with the pdf.

On a different system, save version i tried setting the an identical setup. When I dial a DID with the fax destination the fax machines connect but a transmission never completes. The CDR report indicates s-CONGESTION. I tried removing fax auto-detect. I tried making the extension detect both voice and fax. I’ve yet to get a successful fax to make it in to the 2nd system.

Log here:

Not sure what I’m doing wrong…
Ext 299 is a dedicated incoming route
Ext 205 is an extension with a fax destination assigned