Trouble with port management on used FreePBX40

I purchased a used FreePBX40 and have updated everything to current via SSH. This is my first FreePBX although I’ve done several PBXact devices which are very similar. Problem on this one is when trying to change ports in Sysadmin → port management all have “enter custom port” below each item in both columns. It won’t let me change as when I try to even change one and “update now” the “enter custom port” boxes just flash red.

I can play whack a mole to get rid of the “enter custom port” boxes and then select “update now” which then says 6 times “Port number: is conflicting with IOTBINDPORT(advanced settings)”.

I’m close to re-installing the whole thing, which shouldn’t be the answer…

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After a little more searching here on the forum, found the answer was to clear my browser cache (as crazy as that sounds). Hope this helps someone else from wasting hours like I did!

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