Trouble with endpoint manager

In a previous life I was a phone guy so I know a bit about old phones. I decided to replace an old Vodavi phone system with a new voip system. So far it is working great.

I have a 12 extension system with 12 Grandstream gxp 2124’s. Two fax lines via a Grandstream HandyTone 702 ATA. Cordless Grandstream DP715 base station and phone and one DP710 handset (connects to base station). No problems with the configuration of the switch.

Ok. All 12 GXP 2124’s have the same lamp settings so I wanted to use the endpoint configuration to set and reboot the phones. Then if i add an extension I don’t need to go to each phone and add the setting. Can’t get this to work 100%. Here are my problems:

I am trying to get it going with just one phone. I have TFTP setup and the phone is getting it setting from the server most times I reboot the phone (power cycle or via phone web interface), but not all times. Sometimes it seems the phone just reboots and does not get the changed setting from the server. Then a couple minutes later the phone will reboot on its own and get the new settings?

The phone never reboots when I check the box “reboot selected phones” and hit the reconfigure button. Should this happen immediately or does this happen via a cron job or something?

I could not find a place to setup all the buttons (24 of them) via the UI for the 2124. I had to hand edit the configuration file. That is ok just was wondering if I was missing something.

Thanks in advance for any advice!