Trouble with Callback module

Hey there, alright so I’ve been working on this project of mine in my spare time for the past week or two and I have finally been able to get asterisk up and running (woohoo!). All of my inbound and outbound calls are working as expected. I have been using freePBX to set everything up and I have been looking forward to taking advantage of the callback feature there-within. I was able to get the callback feature up and running but I am a little disappointed with how the system works and I would like to customize it just a tad.

There are two main issues I am having that I would like to change:

  • The first is that rather than terminating the call, the callback feature accepts the call and
    gives the outside caller a busy signal and the caller must then manually end the call. This
    results in the callback sometimes being missed because the line remains tied up on the
    outside end for too long. I would instead like to just have the call terminated and hung up
    immediately to fix this issue.

  • The second thing I would like to modify is that when the callback goes through, the outside
    caller accepts the callback and the call is then forwarded to the extension designated, the
    extension rings as it should but the caller ID shows up as UNKNOWN. I would instead prefer
    to have the caller ID read the number of the outside caller so that the party at the extension
    can see who is calling before accepting.

From what I can tell this can be modified to work as I would like with some custom coding or perhaps there is another way? I am not well versed in the Asterisk server files and what will need to be changed. I will continue researching until I find a solution that works but this will take sometime. In the mean time I figured it wouldn’t hurt to put up a quick post on here to help speed me along the road to success. Any help is appreciated and thank in advance!

If you look at the log lines generated on an inbound call to a callback, you will see the last line is a Hangup(). Asterisk is terminating the call, but something else is keeping the channel open. You can test from a local extension by setting a Misc Application to the callback and then dialing the Misc Application, it hangs up immediately.

To see this, your SIP provider would need to support RPID (remote party ID) and your phones would need to be configured for RPID.

Thank you for getting back to me and your confidence is… reassuring :stuck_out_tongue: , however;

My SIP provider does provide support and I do receive caller ID when I make a call directly through to another DID that I have connected directly to an extension but I don’t receive caller ID when connecting an extension with a callback which leads me to believe this has something to do with freePBX or the module itself.

I have tested this and you are correct that it does indeed hangup immediately without the busy signal, I have tested this with a couple different modules and they all terminate immediately which again leads me to the conclusion that it is the callback module that is causing this problem. Do you have any idea on what else might be causing the busy signal?

To add to this, I noticed that if I receive the call from the unknown caller on my extension and then blind transfer the call to another extension the new extension will actually register the caller ID instead of unknown. Not of much value in and of itself but I found it strange and with the potential for a work around of some sort if I can figure something out. :stuck_out_tongue:

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