Trouble whit the PBX

When adding a new Sip Device using the PBX webgui a mistake was made and the extension number was left out (Device ID), now, for who know what reason the PBX system when to chaos and the New Device that was added was acting as if it was actually the “add device” button, looking like this bellow it (“PersonName <>”), yes very strange indeed. After this incident took place, any calls that were coming to our system from outside of our company, would register with the “PersonName” name and its User extension, in this case “1211”, but it dint finish there things got even more strange, for some reason any changes that was made on the PBX weather was adding a new SIP or IAX device or just a New User, anything that required a submit fallow by reload, the system would empty the sip_additional.conf file, where all the Sip device are register. Yes all the Sip Phone on my company unregistered. After sitting for hours, analyzing the situation we decide to take a look in the database where the PBX would pull information from and BAMM! there it was, the “PersonName” whit out Device ID, I proceeded to delete anything that I found related to “PersoName” whit out ID. Now this got rid of the Webgui problem and the Constant deleting of sip_additional.conf file information. I could now add any Sip, IAX device and Users whit out problem, however any calls from outside of our company would still register whit “PersonName” and the User extension “1211”. After some constant troubleshooting it turns out that the “1211” User extension was the one to blame, because when i got rid of it, everything went back to normal. However, if I am to add a New User whit that extension ‘1211’, we go back to that same situation that we were.

When discussing whit my boss he told me that this happen before and the solution that was given was to change the extension, I have done a similar approach however i would like to know if there is any way of getting rid of this problem.

Asterisk 1.2.24

Now i know what you are thinking, yes they are very old Cores and i am going to recommend an update, however I lack experience, I am actually a novice so i got to be sure of everything before i decide to make big changes.

Both your Asterisk and FreePBX are so old you need to update to a current stable supported release.