Trixbox vs. adminsparadise

To whom it may concern,
I am currently looking around at free PBX systems and asterisk is the obvious answer. What I’m questioning is what system to use between Trixbox and AdminsParadise. Most of you are probably FreePBX/Trixbox users. I challenge you to go to and see what they have to offer. By looking at how many people are signed up in the forum, you can tell that it hasn’t been around too long.

I will be creating a new phone system for a law firm of about 35 users (currently with a phone system literally from the 1980’s still going strong… (Panasonic DBS) ). I’m trying to learn and see what could be the best solution for the future of our law firm. I have succesfully set up an adminsparadise server - it does the same sort of thing as trixbox. There is one thing that sounds better with admins paradise and that is you can create an entire backup server that will kick on as soon as the active one goes down for whatever reason. Is there anything like that with TrixBox? Please check Admins Paradise out and let me know what you guys think.

try doing a test (on a crash and burn system). Upgrade the the system to FreePBX 2.3 (which you will eventually have to do). Then go into online admin and try upgrading the modules and especially the framework module. I have a strong suspicion that a lot of things will break. Just a suspicion, but it’s worth your effort testing before making a decision to go that route.

The bottom line on a choice, anything that strays away from the core FreePBX code base (as I seem to recall they do) is likely going to give you a lot of problems down the road. Most of these distros that package FreePBX provide no support at all for FreePBX itself which is usually 90%+ of what you are looking for and roughly 100% of the priority. We (FreePBX dev team) will not do anything to accommodate any changes that other do.

I am not suggesting any of the distros - just providing some suggestions of what to consider when choosing.

why not use adminsparadise, or elastix - number 1 answer because they arent supported.

trixbox is a commercially supported platform - meaning you crash, you can pick up the phone and call someone for support.

When the CEO asks why the problem still isnt fixed and sees you checking the forum - he will do what lawyers do best :wink:

On the other side of that same coin, the trixbox forums are so active its rediculous, you could probably get a solution there faster than calling. And at the moment, .rixbox sticks with the stock freepbx, note Philippes mention of “not promoting a distro” because of their tweaks to freepbx

And yes, you can setup high availability server with trixbox, see the documentation section at

But I will definitely say the admins and elastix definitely have some very appealing features that trix is missing, but I think the trix guys will be having a hard monopoly on that market within a few months when they catch up.