Trixbox to FreePBX

Hey all

I appear to be heading into a bit of a mess.

Sometime ago we purchased a new IP phone system, unfortunately for us we were sold the Trixbox system. :frowning:

I was posting in Trixbox forums and some guy in America was very helpful and recommended my come over here, since then I have changed my phone provider and have generally been very busy.

I have just decided to get my head back around it all - wanting an Operating Panel to see which phones are being used within Trixbox just doesn’t work.

I don’t mind rolling up my sleeves and getting stuck into it but Trixbox websites just don’t work either.

Should I switch to freePBX??
Is it easy?

Help needed, PLEASE!!!

with thanks in anticipation!!!


You are not really stating what the chore is… 10 extension system or 100 or what ?

In general, if you are real new at this and you business depends on it, then I would suggest a) contacting FreePBX support and b) move to the FreePBX distro with their assistance.

I do not recommend a backup from trixbox and restore to FreePBX distro system as the trixbox is just too old and a variant of FreePBX. Best just to start with a clean FreePBX system and rebuilt manually. When I have to do that I basically open all the old config windows in TABs, grab screen shots for safety and ( without closing those tabs) wipe the old system and install the FreePBX distro. Then for many bits I can copy and paste from old to new.

Hi, thanks for the reply

We have 1 batch of DDI’s coming in (10 numbers)with a couple of other numbers being presented to the box.

About 15 users / handsets

I have been busy setting up announcements and time groups for call diverts out of office hours, I wouldn’t know how in depth we have taken this so far, the system works well but fails me as fonality seem to have vanished and I wanted to keep upgrading the system.

I am under the impression fonality screwed up the FreePBX distro with their custom updates.

I had a friendly user tell me how to get the FOP working in trixbox but now the site is down I can’t view it

I have no idea about linux though so what you are suggesting sounds a little scary :frowning:

Based upon what you’ve said, I suspect you’ll find the FreePBX Distro very familiar. Trixbox used an older version of FreePBX (but they eliminated the FreePBX Logo).

FOP is disabled by default in the FreePBX Distro, but its easy enough to enable.

I too used to be a Trixbox user. In my case I decided to just build a new system rather than try to “convert” my old one over to FreePBX. I was afraid I might bring over problems from Trixbox with me and I didn’t want to risk it. I only have about 10 extensions and only about 5 IVRs so it wasn’t a huge deal, but I’m still working on getting the bugs out too (issues with g729).

Here’s what I’d suggest. Keep your current system in place and working for now. After all, most places can’t afford to be without a phone, even for a day. So keep it but have someone build you a new system using FreePBX. The hardware isn’t expensive any more and they can do the configuration while you’re still up and running on your Trixbox.

You didn’t say where you’re from. I know a company in the USA that does this but I shouldn’t post it on the forums I think. If you want his info send me a private message and I’ll give you his contact information. It is NOT me. I do not offer this type of service.

Currently have: trixbox ce v2.6.2.2 (97 extensions)
If I install freePBX on a fresh hard drive, config everything then swap out the hard drives. take the trixbox hd out of the phone server then place the freePBX drive in. everything will run smoothly? or should I just build a new server tower and instead of using the one we are using now? the old one was built in 2009.

There is a script to take a 2.8 version os Trixbox to the latest stable build of the FreePBX distro. So If you could upgrade your Trixbox to 2.8 then run the script you would end up with the latest FreePBX Distro, however I would suggest you use a product such as clonezilla to clone your server to an external drive just in-case something goes wrong.