Trixbox Status Screen

I am still using Trixbox but looking to move over. The only hold up is the status screen. Is there something like
PBX Status Module in FreePBX and I am missing it?

I have all sip devices and really need to see the sip peers and active channels.

Not sure what status screen you mean? Asterisk info is under reports in FreePBX.

If you really want data FreePBX already has SNMP module. You can load MRTG and graph your active channels in real time.

Ditch the unsupported trixbox.

This is the status screen on trixbox. 

It has Asterisk Version, Uptime, sip peers, IAX2 Peers, and Voice Mail stats on one screen.


And the only thing I can find in FreePBX is:

Thank you I just saw where you said it was under the reports in FreePBX distro. Same thing.

Thanks, Again.

Yes, I don’t find the web version useful.

Go to Asterisk and type this:

sip show peers
core show channels
sip show channels
core show hints
voicemail show users

You will be amazed at what you are missing.