Trixbox SRV DNS issue

This is a SIP trunking install. The SIP provider uses SRV DNS name for their SIP Servers, the SRV record resolves to two A records which point to the actual IP addresses of SIP servers. In theory the Trixbox should use the primary A record resolved from SRV and keep using it unless it fails, but instead the Trixbox uses both A records alternatively every minute or so. When in verbose mode, it shows Trixbox toggles it’s SRV mapping to one or the other A record every minute.

Is this a known problem with Trixbox? Any fixes?

Does anyone use DNS SRV on this board? It works ok for you?

To clarify the Trixbox I’m using is version 2.2 with Asterisk 1.2.18 build. This is a SIP Trunk setup.

freepbx is a component of trixbox. Try asking at

But so that you know DNS server uses a round robin approach when more then one value is defined for a given value. It’s how the DNS servers hand out the addresses (It is part of the spec which I can’t find the specific document to point you at currently).

You can see this by doing the following:
note that you will get more then one result. if you make repeated queries it will rotate the list.