Trixbox no longer accessible on LAN

My Trixbox has worked flawlessly for several years.
My router and switch got flakey, so I installed new (out of the box) identical hardware to what I took out.

Now, I can NOT access the PBX on the LAN ( from another Windows PC.

BUT - - one extension works fine, another doesn’t.

I have rebooted, etc. all with no avail.

I would REALLY not have to reinstall it all and recreate exts/voice/etc.

Any ideas???

Well this isn’t the trixbox support forum for one thing. That’s

Dummy me…

I would have thought that all permutations of Astrisk (free, trix, etc.) would be similar in connecting to the LAN.

Hmmm… after 20 years in this biz, there are Windows, Mac and Linux and they all connect to the LAN in the same manner.

Dummy me.
But thanks for pointing that out :wink:

So if you logon to the console of the trixbox server as root and type “ifconfig” what do you see?

Also when you say you can’t connect what are you connecting to? Are you browsing using http, or using ssh to connect, or are you trying to ping the IP address?

Since you snapped back I will respond. First trixbox (properly written with a lower case t) and FreePBX are not “permutations” of Asterisk. In fact it sounds like you would not even know what Asterisk looks like.

What you see in trixbox is the FreePBX web interface for Asterisk that Fonality stole from this project. At one time, and I was a supported of the trixbox project for many years, they decided putting their name on it and taking off the FreePBX name was the thing to do.

From that day forward their users were screwed because the support responsibility belonged to Fonality the brand holder of trixbox. By closing the project and pushing a paid version of Asterisk on the users was just the final insult.

We took our time and resources to write a conversion script to allow you to restore your system to genuine FreePBX and it even updates Asterisk and the OS in the process.

One other thing, the network stack is part of the OS, so technically this is a CentOS question. Lee is helping you out of his good graces.

Also since you hold out 20 years of network experience the same tools you use on Windows and MAC’s (ping, router, arp etc.) are all available in the CentOS flavor.