Trixbox help

I have trixbox. I am trying to set up to ring the receptionist phone six times. And have everyone else’s phone silent for the six rings. Then ring everyone’s phone. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Inbound Call -> Ring Group -> Ring Group

You should also consider upgrading the trixbox to a genuine FreePBX system. That project was abandoned by the vendor Fonality, who left all their users without a support after they forked this project.

If something goes wrong none of the trixbox repositories are online so you will be in bad shape.

How do you make a ring group silent?


tm1000 told you how to do this. Use 2 ring groups.

Inbound Call -> Ring Group 1 -> Ring Group 2

If you don’t want the other phones to ring don’t put them in the first ring group put them in the second ring group.

I would like to see that the phone are ring so they can be answered if the receptionist is not there at her desk.

Ok, so here’s the process:

  1. Make your second ring group to everyone, set the amount of time that rings, and set the destination (voicemail?) if needed
  2. Make your first ring group to the receptionist, set the amount of time that rings, and set the destination to be the second ring group
  3. Create your inbound route and set the destination to be the first ring group
    Apply changes

You may also want to set a caller id prefix in the inbound route, like “main” or something, so the extensions will see caller id and know it’s from the inbound number.

Just as a follow up to everyone else’s responses, I think you can tell attention to detail and understanding of the framework is absolutely key when talking to us or when investigating a new route.

Lastly, SkykingOH made a valid suggestion that you install FreePBX Distro instead of use Trixbox. I agree, here’s why:

  1. You get more features and newer code, hands down
  2. You’re at such a beginning level on developing your system, reinstalling with better software will probably save you time in the long run, dealing with old security flaws and immature code

Up to you, either way I’m happy to see someone jumping in head first. Welcome!

Lastly, if you want to be able to do a pickup from any other phone, you have to create a BLF button on the non-reception phones. That button should be assigned to the reception extension.

Most phones (I use Grandstream GXP2100, GXP2000, etc) give you the pickup feature by default for said BLFs.

Remember, the phone brand is most likely not related to the phone system, so you’ll have to explore it’s documentation to find out the exact method to make the BLF pickup work.