Trixbox/FreePBX upgrade problems 2.2x ->2.3.1-1

Hi…just a heads up:

I recently received a Trixbox with version TB 2.2.4. This had the 2.2x version of FreePBX on it.

  1. I attempted to upgrade FreePBX through the Trixbox module administrator, and even though it said the upgrade took place to 2.3.1-1 I couldn’t find the new FreePBX.

  2. Based on a message in the Trixbox forums, I did a YUM update for FreePBX. This appeared to work correctly.

  3. I then got back into Trixbox, got into the new FreePBX (nice interface BTW!) and attempted a FreePBX module update. This worked Ok…except when I pressed the submit button, I got a grayed-out screen and the browser (Firefox) hung up. I let things churn for a decent interval, and then logged back in with Internet Explorer. It showed there were pending changes, so I clicked on that button and and got a strange looking orange box for confirmation.

So there appears to be two problems:

  1. My update appears to be working now. but I’m wondering if there is something going wrong with the PHP code or the CSS for the web interface, as I have anomolies both in FireFox and IE.

  2. Also, the module update 2.2x -2.3.1-1 from within Trixbox runs a script that appears to execute successfully, however, the update does not get applied. I don’t know if that is a Trixbox problem or a FreePBX issue.


for First #1 and second #2 it happens to several versions of trixbox that get updated. it doesn’t do something right away. Magicly if you reboot twice many people then see the new version. as a alternate solution just follow the upgrade directions in the download section here. When you download it works quite nice and there are several posts from KerryG saying use the freepbx upgrade instructions if you can handle it. there is no conflict.

For #3 yes you get a orange confirm box in IE, I think that is what “hung” your firefox as you also get a confirm there also but it must have appeared under the regular window (can happen with rapidly timed clicks {you ment 1 but did 2) and changing window focus to the wrong window).

Thanks for the rebooting twice idea. I’ll try that next time.

Since TB is getting its own upgrade shortly from 2.2x to 2.4, and since I seem to be working with FreePBX 2.3.1-1, I think I’m going to sit tight and not worry about trying to troubleshoot the second issue. — Larry