TRIXBOX CE 2.6 IVR not ringing extension

Hi guys,

I am running a brand new Trixbox CE 2.6 installation. with Openvox 4 port FXO card.
We are using Cisco 7960 Phones configured with sip. Config files are on TFtpboot directory.

Phones work great. I can make outgoing calls, send and receive calls from other extensions. Etc.

My problem is with the IVR. I have tested it from an extension using dial 7777 and when my greeting comes in i click an option and the correct phone rings.

When i call into the pbx from the outside line, I get the greeting and select an option. Within a second i get a message that user is unavailable. I have deleted the IVR and entered it again with no luck. If i make a ring group the inbound call does ring every extension in the group.

Please help i’m stumped.

Sounds like your incoming DTMF tones are not being properly decoded.
Now the bad news…
The trixbox distro was abandoned several years ago and is no longer supported.

Before going too much further, I would suggest switching over to one of the supported distros such as the FreePBX or PBX in a Flash distros. Both use currentt components and are supported.



Thanks for you reply. I just purchased this system new for our Emergency Management agency. I have very little experience with these types of systems. Can you point me to a step by step tutorial that i can use to upgrade to free pbx. Something for someone with little to no linux experience.




Installation instructions are here:

You should also consider purchasing some hourly support to have our technicians get you started quickly, and more importantly invest in some training for you or your staff, there is a session open in September:

I guess one part of the question is…who is still selling TB CE 2.6 as current.


Trixbox 2.6 is 5 years old and nobody has touched a line if code in that for over 4 years.

You need to contact your vendor. They sold you end of life software that was abandoned by the Fonality years ago.

You need to get your money back and find an experienced integrator. The fact you are asking for help here tells us your vendor is not qualified.

Our sponsors and the developers of free PBX SchmoozeCommunications have many ways to extricate you from your situation good luck and let us know how you do

Thanks for all the comments guys. I purchased this unit brand new with trixbox under the advise of the vendor as it is the most popular asterick installation.

Here is the unit we bought:

My plan is to migrate it to the latest distro of FreePBX.