Trixbox backup restored to new server issues

I restored a trixbox backup to a newer server.
All settings under pbx settings shows the same (extensions, Trunks (, incoming routes etc)
:black_medium_small_square:Problems: No phone register accounts, I checked the settings on the phone to make sure it can register with the trixbox server and all the account info is properly configured

  1. Noticed the new server shows a broken module for VoicePulse, I can relate this to the current sip trunk they use for voice however when I called them they said this module hasn’t been use for years and the configuration can be done manually (but the trunk configuration can be seen on the GUI trunk settings, since it was migrated from the old system)
    *2. * when I checked on PBX -> Config File Editor and looked for sip_additional.conf on the old server I got all the extensions info that on the new server is empty with the message “; Do NOT edit this file as it is auto-generated by FreePBX. All modifications to ;
    ; this file must be done via the web gui. There are alternative files to make ;
    ; custom modifications, details at: ;” -> of course that link doesn’t work anymore.
    This sip_additional.conf is just an example of other files that are empty as well
    :black_medium_small_square:So at this point, I think that’s why the phones are not registering with the same version, restored backup with same network settings new server? Thanks in advance for any possible suggestions.