Trixbox 2.8 to Freepbx/Asterisk 11

I have a server running trixbox 2.8. I would love to replace it with freepbx/asterisk 11 without doing a fresh install. Is that possible? I’ve seen this script that upgrades it to asterisk 1.8, but can then go to asterisk 11 on my own?

Trixbox is broken at best in it’s stable state. I would go for a clean install.

You may be able to pull your FreePBX up to 2.11 then use backup and restore. The migration and update process to get you current may take hours and still leave you in an odd state. It may be worth a rework just to get current and secure.

@tonyclewis may have additional thoughts as that is his script but I am sure he will agree with my recommendation.

The issue is Trixbox is based on CentOS 5.X which has no upgrade path to CentOS/RHEL 6.X so you will need to do a fresh install regardless.