Trixbox 2.6 and IVR messing

Hi, i’m new to trixbox asterisk and friends, but i work on linux systems, i downloaded and installed a trixbox system, i set all up by following phonalty online tutorials, everything is working fine, except than sometime, randomly the system gets tha call, you call see it from total active calls, but the ivr message doesn’t seem so start.

Can anyone of you hel me?
thanks in advance


Create a any/any rule in the inbound routes and point it to the IVR you created.

I already have created an inboud route that way, the strange fact is that sometimes the message can be heard adn sometimes not, the call comes into the system always! I’ve called both the voip provider and the internet access provider, and everything now is set up the right way. The problem is still there, the percentage of the times the ivr works correctly is about 55%