Trixbox 2.2.0 internet issues

I need some help…

I had Trixbox 2.2.0 (install from CD with CentOS) running just fine for a few years. Well the box decided to cremate and take the HD with it, so I installed it again on an identical (HP Vectra VL - 500 MHz, 500 MB, 80 GB drive) and all works fine except:

I can’t access the internet. Old machine worked.
Box to 10/100 switch to router to cable modem.

All extentions work, so I have to assume the box has no internet DNS Server addresses to look up anything.

How do I set the DNS Server addresses?

Linux is far from my level of knowledge (Windows yes, Linux No)

Thanks for any insights!

DNS server is set in /etc/resolv.conf.

Also check your network routes (using command route) if you have multiple NICs or are statically addressing your server.

Make sure you can successfully ping addresses by IP if you believe there is a DNS issue.


OK, I did that and tried pinging (Google’s dns server) and got Destination Host Unreachable.

What next?