Trigger Superfecta scheme AND continue to destination?

Is there a way to make an incoming route that allows all calls to continue to their original destination but also trigger a specific superfecta scheme to run? It appears that a route’s “Set Destination” does not allow for something like “original destination”.

I’m thinking/hoping that this is the way to get a scheme to fire upon all incoming calls that are made internally (from an internal extension to another external extension).

I know this is English, because I recognized all of the words.

Tell us what you’re trying to do. It appears that your knowledge framework may need a paradigm shift

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I am trying to call a php script on another server each time a call is made to any extension. The php script needs to know the calling number and the destination number.

I have a superfecta scheme setup that has a Send to URL configured. I thought that if this scheme could be triggered whenever a call is made, then it would send the data to my php script.