Trial SIPStation

Trying out the FreePBX for the first time. So far fairly successful. Internally things are running well. Signed up for the two week trial for SIPStation. No issues there (just took a while to read that it was automatically configured for me)

However now trying to make outside calls. “All circuits are busy” is all I get. The SIP trunk is not configured. So ok go to set it up. Missing information. Namely “Peer Details”. Discovered that the SIPStation module should have a new display mode which lists these details and the tab is labeled “Local Settings”. I do not have this tab. When I log into the SIPStation store, (through the module) I am able to view my Phone# and other account details. Just not the “Local Settings”

Tried reinstalling the module ( ( FYI my FreePBX is This did not help. Please advise.


did you put in your key?