Trasferred Asterisk to new PBX

Good Afternoon,

Looking for some help with an issue I have run across. I just bought the Sangoma FreePBX Phone system 100. The current machine is a non distro machine. I used backup & Restore to copy the current FreePBX machine then used Backup & Restore on the new phone system 100 to restore the current working asterisk DB. All seem to go well with inbound and outbound working until about an hour or so went by. The Asterisk DB and MySQL began to crash the appliance making in non functional. I am completely stumped as to why this is happening. I am not too strong with FreePBX and any help or reasons why this is happening is much appreciated!

If you need logs or anything please just let me know!

Nick Fielding

That was probably not a good idea. Restoring a backup on a different machine only works if FreePBX versions are the same on both machines. Otherwise you will end up with a broken system.

What is installed on the old FreePBX machine?
I doubt that restoring a backup from a PIAF, Elastix, or other install to a FreePBX distro machine would work properly.

Amen brother - testify!

I have done restores from one system to another (FreePBX to FreePBX though) in the past and the issues that i have always ran into was with the database passwords not matching between the new server and the old server. Take a look at the following files and make sure that the username and password for mysql is correct in all places:


I hope this helps.

The old box is a Centos box. that runs the Freepbx. The main thing I really need from the old box is the recordings for the IVR. Will transferring only the system recording cause any issues you think?