Hello Everybody,

few months ago I started playing around with WebSocket on FreePBX Distro. Got far enough but wondering now, if there is a chance that the settings necessary to setup a WebSocket capable Extension will be ever fully supported by FreePBX Extension menu? I am kind of getting sick that I can do 99,9% via the menu and for the one setting:


I have to keep editing config files which do get overwritten every time.
I managed to update the respective php file myself to make the setting available. And if I managed, it can not be hard to add it.

Or is there something obvious I am missing out?

Thanks for getting this far. I hope you understand my “language” and hear my prays for getting that setting included.

Much appreciated.


I assume the sip_custom_post.conf will be of interest to you:

Thanks, problem solved :slight_smile: