Translation help

Hi …

I´d like to continue the freepbx translation to portuguese - BR, but i´m a newbie and i don´t know where i can find the languages files. Could somebody help me ???


I have never done any translations, but I believe anything that is in the proper format in the main code can be translated although I’m sure there are ‘bugs’ which will hinder translation until pointed out so we can fix them. Can you look around different modules in different languages to see if you can find any that have the tooltip hints translated and then take a look what they did - and figure it out by example?

I’m progress in my translation , with some problems but it’s working!
Now a wierd thing happened. When i added the Feature Code Admin module , all the words translated in file amp.po , returned to english!!!
The most strange is the modules that be translated in own module , like recordings, ring groups etc, still translated! only the informations in amp.po was lost!!

somebody have any idea what’s wrong??

thk’s for help !!

About the translations , it’s working , but i didn’t understand how i can translate the help box that appears when the user put the mouse over some menus. Looking in file amp.po i can note in some cases they use a tag , in other cases they only translation the words. There are any tool to simplify the tranlation ? how can i do to translate these help box??