Translate Early Media signal to Accept

Is there any way to configure Asterisk so it “translates” an incoming 183 Early Media SIP signal to an Accept signal towards the phone? (i.e. signalling a call as being accepted even if only early media is received)

The idea behind that is that, we have our SIP clients integrated into a CRM solution, and if an agent calls a customer and ends up on mobile voicemail, the “please leave a message” text is usually sent as early media, and thus the call isn’t being regarded as answered. Instead, I would like the call to be signalled as accepted/ongoing as soon as /anything/ is received from the callee.
(I can see this approach causing issues with callees having custom ringback sounds, though… but I’m not deep enough into SIP signalling to know whether this is actually sent differently/distinguishable).

Not saying this is the “wrong” place, but this is a question that should probably be directed to the Asterisk forums as well. This kind of deep magic sounds like something that Asterisk would actually be taking care of, so you probably want to get them involved in the discussion as well.

Yeah I know, but this community is more active, and I figured someone already had that same idea. If nothing turns up, I’ll ask over there as well.