Translate - an idea?

I think that the translation method is not really practical.
I am french, (It’s not my fault) :o)
if I change my language, there are pieces of sentences in English (US).
Without rebuild any FreePBX, why not incorporate into the modules directory “/ lang” with php files .
For US:
Define ( “_CONTACTFORM”, “Contact Form”);
Define ( “_NAME”, “name”);

For Fr:
define("_CONTACTFORM",“Formulaire Contactez-Nous”);

Just an idea like that. On freePBX 2.5 ? :wink:

Like that, if some peoples want to translate any language, it’s more simple. No?


PS : I smoke maybe… lol

The mechanisms are there (for the most part) but the available translations are not complete which is the problem. The mechanism in FreePBX automatically does those substitutions for you once the translations are compiled and installed. If you look through the code you will see strings all over the place which are encapsulated in a form of: _(“Some Label”) which is actually a function call to a translation engine which returns the the translated string if it can find one, or otherwise just returns the original string.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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Ok !
i’m looking at this.

Thank’s for your help