Transitioned from SIP to PRI

My company went from SIP to PRI. Offiste/remote extensions can no longer access my company’s PBX. We’ve retained our IP block, however, the former/primary SIP IP no longer exists. My ISP is stating that their PRI product doesn’t support remote extension accessibility, and that its meant for internal usage. This doesn’t seem right.

Comments? Suggestions?

FreePBX 12.0.1rc21
CentOS 6.5 (Final)
Asterisk 11.13.0

Too many unknowns, Is your PBX’ current external address accessible from the rest of the internet? Does that address route SIP calls to your hardware?

No. This address is the ISP’s LAN-side address, which is used for internet.
What is best method to determine connection info/routing through the PRI interface itself? Perhaps, we can start with that, unless a different approach is recommended.

Make sure your ISP is not blocking port 5060 on that IP.

Not just 5060, many will just inspect the traffic and reject/hinder all SIP/SDP connections no matter what port you choose. The PRI interface will largely be transparent to your network but might have restrictions on what CallerID you can present for outbound calls, inbound calls to your DID block will just arrive on your PRI hardware but maybe you will only get the last few digits unlike your SIP inbound DID’s, post a log of failing calls in and out for better analysis.

Feedback received from ISP. They’re now saying that remote extensions need to hit their LAN/external-side IP, which I can ping, but remote extensions still cannot register.


On one setup I made I had to manually enter the mac address of the remote extension under Extensions --> Endpoint Manager. Once that was entered my remote endpoints were able to register.

Again incomplete information,