Transferring to VM on Polycom or Cisco

Having a problem with 2 phones in relation to using them to transfer calls to voicemail: SoundPoint IP 335 and Cisco SPA504G.

On the Polycom, when transferring to VM using * and the extension (ie *210 to transfer to vm for ext 210) I get ,“the number you have dialed is not a working number, please check your number and dial again.” It doesn’t get past the *, as soon as I press * it automatically dials.

On the cisco, the phone automatically dials when I dial *21 and puts the caller on hold.

I have checked both phones settings and cant find a reason that the phone would automatically start to dial.

I haven’t made any changes to feature codes or anything like that in FREEPBX. I have tried resetting the phone. I have other branded phones like Aastra, grandstream, snom that are working fine.

Any Ideas?


no one has had this issue?

Check the “dialstrings” on your phones to ensure they can dial that sequence and check any local over-rides you might have on asterisk/freepbx feature codes.

This is a result of how the digit map is set on each phone. The digit map is the patterns of digits pressed and how the phone interprets and dials those digits.

Each manufacturer has a different way to program the digit map.