Transferring recordings from old sys to new

old system PBX iaf (Fpbx13 )… recordings were .wav and .mp3 and located at /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/custom/

i tar’d and moved to the same location in the new box (FreePBX distro 13/16)…

now normally (on PBXiaf) they would simply show up as available for use in Announcements after being dropped in the correct folder… not so now…
anything I need to do? or do they need to go to a different folder?


It needs to be in the correct language folder.

For example, is your system is set to English (English US), you’d need to place it in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/custom

Best way to find out, is to go to system recordings, upload any audio file and check in which directory it was stored.

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