Transferring files to asterisk linux system

Is there some FTP or other system I can install to remotely connect to the Asterisk box and deploy A2Billing?

Trying to set up asterisk with a2billing, but they fail to mention how to remotely connect to it.

I do not know if it is any help, but I am setting this system up to able to use my Voicent Predictive dialer to provide a autodialer service to others.

Many thanks!

If you’re using a windows box to remotely connect and you have SSH access, download and use WinSCP - it’s free, connects over SSH and gives you an FTP/Explorer look for files.

I don’t think this is what you want. You can use the command line wget to download the installer package to /usr/src or wherever.

My question is if you don’t know the basics of sysadmin how can you possibly offer this as a service? What are you going to do if breaks? What about daily admin chores?

I do know some basics, just trying to implement this system alongside another system we have running. This new system will be for small clients and our big clients will be using the bigger system.

I cant comment on ones ability, but can say i recently downloaded Teamviewer
for linux here
and works well between win7 and centos OS. Ive used once for file transfer and a few times for remote access. Easy to install and free. I was able to run terminal with it and dont think it has any limitations on remote access. need to Install on both computers. takes about 5 min

Gosh, one port, that’s all you need to forward for SSH and you get secure, encrypted access to the system. You can even use a self signed certificate so you don’t have to login each time.

Putty and WinSCP are wonderful, free tools for remote console and file transfer. Putty also has an SSH port forward tool that will send any port down the tunnel (for web access, AMI etc.)

Do have the good sense to change the default port (/etc/ssh/sshd.conf)

Teamviewer, that’s an awful lot of overhead just not not learn one simple *nix concept.