Transferring Calls Using Action URIs (Phone model S206)

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I have been looking into using Action URIs to allow users to make call transfers from their browser (or more accurately, from some buttons/links we would like to add to our database’s browser frontend).

Simply dialing a number with this type of request is straightforward enough:


Putting a call on hold to be transferred is also no problem:


However, I have run into some problems dialing the transfer destination number.

When I use the type of request shown above to dial the transfer destination number, it successfully creates a second call but the F_TRANSFER key doesn’t allow me to transfer the original call to the second call in the way I would expect (based on how to transfer a call using the hardphone itself).

The only way I have found to make transfers using Action URIs is to use the key variable to send an individual DTMF digit for each individual number that makes up the transfer destination number followed by F2 for the ‘Send’ key. It’s a bit cumbersome to have to loop through the destination number one digit at a time and send a request for each, isn’t it?

Does anyone have any better ideas about how to dial and transfer to the transfer destination number?


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