Transferring calls from freepbx system to a different asterisk box (different company)

Hey, everyone. We’re using freepbx v2.9.0.12 and I want to set up our IVR to direct calls to our outsourced after-hours support center when a certain choice is made, but the support center is not part of OUR freepbx installation. They use their own asterisk-based system. I want to do this WITHOUT going through the PSTN (we have it configured to do that currently but want to save on the minutes of usage). They’ve given me their IP address, but I don’t know how to set up our system to call out to their system using that ip address. How can I accomplish this?

Thanks – barry

You need more than the IP address, you need all the peer details and what digits they want you to send.

Once you have that information, build a trunk to their Asterisk system and create a custom extension for each dial pattern you need to send.

In the custom extension complete the dial field as sip/trunkname/digits_to_send where digits_to_send is the actual numbers IE: /sip/mytrunk/2125551212

You need to set-up a trunk between the two systems. I prefer an IAX trunk, but a SIP trunk will work if you forward the appropriate ports. Then you need to create an outbound route that will forward calls over the trunk and make sure that they are directed to the proper extension # or ring group # at the destination PBX. Then route the IVR choice to the outbound route…

I have setup my freepbx server box 1 to received inbound calls and forwarded the calls to another freepbx server box 2, however the callerid of the inbound calls passed to box 2 are not. The callerid passed to box 2 is the extension number that I created on box 2 which is used by box 1 as a trunk. I am using freepbx 2.9 with asterisk 1.4. I have a sip PRI set up on box 1. I used IAX2. Inbound calls on box 1 are forwarded to trunk (extension on box 2). Does anyone have encountered or have fixed this problem please help. Thank you.

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You also need to give complete information and version numbers.

Ok, so here’s how we solved this. We decided to make x1102 be the extension that would trigger the forward to the foreign PBX. We used the same name for all of the components for consistency (shouldn’t be any conflict to do this).

  1. Create a trunk named “SunsetSupport” with the following configuration (all other values are default or blank):

PEER DETAILS: (this is the ip address of the foreign PBX)

USER Context: 1102

USER Details:

  1. Added an outbound route “SunsetSupport”:
    Route CID: 1102 (checked the ‘override extension’ checkbox)
    Route Type: Intra Company
    Dial patterns that will use this route: “1102” in ‘match pattern’ field
    Trunk Sequence: 0 (SunsetSupport)

  2. Created Misc Destination “SunsetSupport”:
    Description: SunsetSupport
    Dial: 1102

  3. Configured option in IVR to direct call to new route (I used option 8):
    8 Misc Destinations SunsetSupport

I hope this helps others trying to do the same thing. A useful link my employee found is here. I didn’t review it, so can’t offer any advice about it.

Enjoy, and thanks for your responses. They did help get us on the right track!

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