Transferring a FreePBX 2.9 to a new system FreePBX.210

I have just signed up with FreePBX hosting but my old freepbx is 2.9 and the new 2.10 just blows up when I restore to it.

Any guidance on what to do?

Upgrade the old system to 2.10 prior to moving your data.

Or use bulk extensions module, bulk DID module and resetup your trunks/IVR’s by hand.

I did think of that. I am running 1.6 asterisk on the old system, there was a message that 2.10 would not work on asterisk 1.6. Thoughts?

Bulk extensions do not work because I have user/device setup.

Hints on how to install into the new system with the old backup. Mysql passwords and IP addresses come to mind.