Transferring a call to a prerecorded message

Hi All,

I have been poking around for some solutions to a challenge my team has brought up. When our teams call out to vendors, we leave a lot of voicemails. We would like to be able to have our callers transfer the call to a prerecorded message when we come upon having to leave messages. Is there a feature or app that can assist with this? Or some sort of solution that wont take a whole lot of administration from my end?


The broadcast dialer looks like it would work. Take a look

Create an announcement with an appropriate recording that goes to Terminate Call, hangup. Create a Misc Application to the announcement so you can dial to it. Then just transfer the call to the feature code.

In my business we call customers and if the call goes to voicemail we just enter ##*44

*44 is a misc app to an announcement just like Lorne suggested works great, saves us repeating the same message time after time.

Thanks for the help guys! That answered exactly what I was looking for.

Here is exactly what we do. This is in the extensions_custom.conf file.

;Answering machine detection
exten => 22,1,Playback(silence/1)
exten => 22,n,WaitForSilence(2000)
exten => 22,n,Playback(custom/amd_message)
exten => 22,n, Hangup()

With this, a customer service agent can do a blind transfer to extension 22. It will play one second of silence and then wait for two seconds of silence and then playback the amd_message file. Then finally hangup. This works pretty well. It’s not perfect as the waitforsilence is not perfect so sometimes the recording will start before the answering service is actually ready.

We have setup numerous extensions like this and when you enable the feature code for the system recording then the agents can record a new message very easily.

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