Transferred calls not recording - freepbx 14 asterisk 13

Current Asterisk Version: 13.19.1
PBX Firmware:12.7.5-1805-2.sng7

All modules up to date

I was running freepbx 13 and one day calls stopped connecting, after i looked through everything i figured it had something to do with codecs. instead of spending too much time finding a fixed, i decided to give freepbx 14 upgrade a chance to see if everything would fix itself. and it did.

I have only one small issue now. Whenever an ext calls out and transfers the call to another ext, the pbx stops recording the call after the transfer. The call duration total is around 8 minutes while CDR only shows 1:54. This is not the duration of the call but rather duration of the recording. I have attached a screenshot of the call log / cdr.

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