Transferred calls - no recording

Hi, I’ve noticed even though I have set all my extensions to record both incoming and outbound calls when an outbound call is transferred to another extension, the original call is recorded but the follow-on call to the new extension isn’t being recorded. Is there a setting I can alter to ammend this somewhere?

Thanks in advance, Mark.

I believe this was addressed in 2.6, you can try to install it from svn if you would like to test

Hi guys,

I dont think this was resolved in 2.6 I have just upgraded to 2.7 to try fix the issue and Im still experiencing the same problem. No call recording after the call is transferred.

Someone else has opened a new thread about this.

Hi guys,

I found this ticket regarding the recording which I is the issue that we are dealing with.

We are running 2.7 , if you call from internal extension to internal extension then the call is recorded. If you call into the PBX directly to an extension then call is recorded but if you transfer the call to another extension then the recording stops as soon as the call is transferred.

This is extremely urgent for us, if anyone can assist please do or atleast confirm if this is a known bug/feature request or if we are dealing with something that should be working.

Hi guys,

I have made progress on this problem and I would appreciate some feedback if anyone can help.
The original fault was that if I dialed from outside directly to an extension the call was recorded fine, as soon as the call was transferred the recording stopped.
I only had this problem when dialing directly to an extension, if I dial into a queue and then transferred it worked fine, I suspect this is due to the queue doing the recording rather than the extension.

I have since done a complete update to FreePBX 2.7 and Elastix 1.6.2-2, asterisk 1.4.31 and the problem is now resolved. The issue now though is that the call recording is still only showing in ARI for the first part of the call, the second part after the transfer does get recorded as the file is in the monitor directory but its not showing in ARI. The problem I believe is with the file name.

The First call is saved as 20100614-093737-1276501054.5.gsm , the second part after the transfer is saved as 20100614-093746-1276501054.5.gsm
Both calls have the same unique ID 1276501054.5, but the time stamp is different 093737 and 093746. Presumably ARI has been written in such a way that it only looks at the unique ID of the file and cant distinguish between 2 files that have the same unique ID. I use another recording interface called Crystal Recording from , Crystal Recording only shows the second part of the transfer and not the original file, presumably it also suffers from the same unique ID problem.

Can anyone else verify this and offer a solution. Presumably the problem lies with the setting of the unique ID, there are 2 recordings so these files should be saved with 2 different unique IDs?