Transfering outbound calls not working

Here is my scenario:

Extension 100 on FXS calls an outside line over FXO.
Extension 100 needs to transfer his callee to Extension 110.
Extension 100 dials ##110, no dial tone, not transfer. Callee is still online and wondering about the annoying dial tones. Extension 100 apologizes to callee and tries again - no dice.

However, if the originator is FROM FXO, then Extension 100 can transfer to ##110 without a problem.

Where should I start looking?
What .conf files should I examine - or is this a FreePBX configuration parameter I might have missed?

Thanks in a advance for your help…

Take a look at your dial options and outbound dial options on the General Settings tab. The tooltips give you more info.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
http// - IRC #freepbx


I am certain I had already put Tt in the outgoing options box! I guess I didn’t save it, then! I should have double-checked that. Lesson learned!