Transfering calls from Cisco SPA504G phone to a Cisco SPA500 Console, where there are in middle custom contexts


I’ve had many troubles with transfers from a Cisco SPA504G phone to his Cisco SPA500 Console, which have different custom contexts in the middle. The calls don’t come to the destination extension.

Only way to ensure that calls reach the recipient is assigning the same context (from-internal) to both extensions (Operator and destination extension). But, this implies that all extensions must belong to the same context.

How I can do transfers between the SPA504G and his console without change or eliminate custom contexts?

I have Elastix 2, freePBX 2.7 and Asterisk 1.6

Thanks in advance.

It is not good practice to “answer shop” a question on two forums. Especially when you are asking about a distribution (Elastix) that has it’s own support community.

Choose where you seek help properly.

I answered your question in the trixbox forum.

This has nothing to do with custom contexts module. It’s all about how contexts work in Asterisk.

You can’t do a transfer between contexts. The purpose of a context is to separate a dial plan. Does this make sense?

If you include the ‘from-internal’ context in your custom context then you will be able to transfer calls.

Thank you for your reply,

According to you, but my question is about the “Custom Contexts Module”, which may be little known there (in others forums), and although this is a “not official module”, was made ​​for freePBX, and I would like know the opinion of the experts.

Best regards.