Is it possible too and if so how…

Blind transfer fails to an extension (No Answer) but rather than the message the user at extension xxxx is not available, can the call return to the person who originally transferred the call?

Assume no voicemail on receiving extension but if it is possible to return on blind transfer rather then pick up by voicemail this would also be useful.

Hats off to you good sir. as for the search button i really did try but it seems when you dont know what to look for it makes things very tricky.

Thanks again it makes a change from people saying

“Use the search” but nothing else.


I really need this feature too.
I’m sure this has worked in the past!! I am using TrixBox 2.2 and i am sure this worked in the past but have noticed that it doesn’t any more.

It has never been in freepbx but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it written and posted in various places also (maybe even on this forum). I’ve written it myslef when just playing around - I just don’t have time now to do it again.


(You guys should learn to use the search button, try BLINDTRANSFER): Blind Transfer Return.

If anybody has looked at this before a little more help would be great, i have written some asterisk macros before but i can’t seem to find a good start point for this one

yes it is possible but takes customization of the underlying dialplan and unfortunately is a bit to involved to describe right now. Take a look at some of the channel variables such as TRANSFER_CONTEXT and BLINDTRANSFER and you may get an idea of what would be involved to implement it.