Transfer update display on destination

Good afternoon. One of our users just brought to my attention that the phones are now no longer showing the originating party when a call is transferred to them.

These are blind transfers, and they’re showing the transfer initiator’s info, but when that initiator hangs up, the display used to update to show the outside part (or originating party, really). Now, it just stays on the transfer initiator’s name.

I’m not sure when this would have happened. Is this a setting, or a byproduct of a module upgrade somewhere?

Has anyone seen this happen?

Seems to occur on FPBX14 & 15, asterisks 16.6 & 17.2…

Some searching, and it seems this may actually be broken - rather, STILL broken, per this:

Has anyone found a fix to this yet? To be broken for that long is somewhat disconcerting…


What make and model phones are you using?

Some phones have settings that limit how many times a CID can change.
Some have settings for where they accept the CID name change from.

What versions were you using when this was working correctly?

Actually, discovered the issue. There’s a SHOW CONNECTED LINE option in each extension that needs to be active. Once activated, the display updates once transfer completes.

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