Transfer to voicemail

Hi all,

Running freePBX with asterisk under CentOS 5.5

I am attempting the following simple scenario:

  • SIP extension 329 calls 331
  • 331 answers and talks to 329
  • 331 attempts to transfer 329 to 331 voicemail by doing transfer+*+331

At this point the call hangs up.

This is the log transcript of this:

Any ideas?

Ok, well this proved to be a bug in Asterisk Upgraded to and all is working good.

I’m no expert by any means, but maybe you could make a misc application (or destination I can’t remember which is which) and then make it for example 3311 and have the destination be Extension 331 Voicemail Un-Available. You could have a company wide standard, such as adding a 1 to the end of everyones extension to do that. So to go to 329’s voicemail it’s 3291, 331’s is 3311 and so on to make it easy to remember?