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I have phone apps and I’m trying to make the transfer to vociemail work like it did for this customer old PBX I just replaced. In the old system, while talking to the caller the operator could press the transfervmail button followed by the DSS button of the desired extension and the caller would end up in the DSS extensions mailbox.
How can I make this happen with FreePBX and Sangoma S500 telephones?

This customer can’t or will not learn peoples extension numbers!!

Transfer to voicemail requires me to enter an extension and when I do this the caller hears the DTMF tones I enter into the phone apps transfer to voicemail screen. This is unacceptable.

Transfer * Extension Transfer required me to enter the extension number, but is silent to the caller.
Not desirable because you need to know the extension number.

Maybe when you press the Transfer to Voicemail APP (that takes way to long to open) it could bring up a list of extension to can select from if you don’t know the extension number. This way it would be silent to the caller.

Anyone have a solution to my Transfer to Voicemail

The app does not work with BLF buttons. You have to enter in the number.

I can not think of a easy way to do what you want

With a very recent firmware you can set a speed dial with “*+” (without quotes) which will pre-dial the * character and wait for more digits which can then be dialed with a BLF extension number.

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How @lgaetz explained is pretty much how I have been doing it with the Grandstream GXP2160 for years now. I program one button as a DTMF type with just an asterisk “*” and I instruct my customers to press it first then the BLF of the users exrension. Has worked great.

@frankb That’s what I want, but can’t make it work on the S500.

I have tried Transfer (DSS KEY with a *) and then DSS

@lgaetz I’m have trouble with the *+

Now I have even a bigger issue. I added * as a prefix to the DSS keys.
I have a caller park on parking 71 I have a DSS key 71 light up, You go to press the button to pick up the call and the system dial * plus 71. *71 forwarding. Caller still on hold. DSS key still red.

No having a fun day and it’s only 10:35 in the morning.