Transfer to VM REST-API

Issue: Unable to transfer using the transfer to VM (rest api) button.

We went from 13 to 14 a few weeks ago.
We use Sangoma S400 and S500.
I havent used that button as I usually just use the code (in our case 2) before the ext to do the transfer.

People have brought up the issue as its not as straight forward as it once was.
I started to do some testing to see if I could get the same result.
After hitting the button, it looks like it gives me an option to type in the name/ext.

Where is the documentation on how this should work?
What should it look like now.

Side note, I would do an extension, and it seems like it only worked with select numbers.

Thanks for your help.

Fix by running:

fwconsole ma upgrade restapps --edge

To confirm, this is going to upgrade the module restapps to the current edge release?

Is this service impacting?

Yes. No.

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