Transfer to VM issues

I seem to be having an issue when attempting to transfer to an extensions voicemail on a FreePBX distro. For example, the destination extension is 1010. The person on the phone will hit transfer, *1010# and the system appears to send the call to the user login, and asterisk plays back “your call canot be completed as dialed” message. We are not using queues. If person on the phone manually dials blind transfer ##*1010# we get an invalid extension message after pressing ## before even entering the extension number.

This problem is not apparent on our other systems. I’ve checked feature codes and they are identical between the two freePBX installs.

Any ideas as to why transfer to vm is not working on this particulat installtion would be greatly apprecieated :slight_smile:

Interestingly, dialing 7777 to simulate an incoming call also returns an “the number you have dialed is not in service” error.

I’ve checked the dial plans and they are also identical between the system that this feature is working on and the one that is not.

No ideas or suggestions out there?

Could you provide the asterisks logs from the calls please and we might be able to advise better?

Yes, call logs would be helpful. Also, existing feature codes sometimes interfere with transferring to voicemail. *10 by default is for Contact Manager speed dials. Make sure you are disabling any feature codes you aren’t using that could interfere with your * to voicemail transfers.

I change the default “*” Voicemail Transfer feature code to “*5” to avoid these collisions.

Thanks Tom! That was indeed the fix for the issue.

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