Transfer to external numbers prompt for PIN even with PINLESS enabled

We are having trouble trying to transfer calls to outside numbers. Since Zulu does not support attended transfers and we need to transfer calls that require a PIN to dial we decided to set some extensiones as PINLESS. If I dial an external number directly from Zulu it will NOT ask for a PIN. If I try to transfer a call then the client will hear the prompt to enter a PIN.

Scenario is this:

1 - Call (PSTN) enters a queue
2 - After getting client info we need to transfer to an external agent on cell phone

A blind transfer (only option for Zulu) will prompt client for PIN even if the extension that initiated the transfer is set to PINLESS.
An attended transfer (using *2) does go through without asking for PIN.

People have been asking for attended transfers in Zulu since 2018 so that seems improbable to be added soon. Why would the blind transfer prompt for a PIN but not the attended transfer? Any settings I should check?

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