Transfer Return

At the moment If someone were to call the line the secretary would pick up the and transfer the call to which ever department the caller needs but when she transfers the call and no one from the department picks up the call it just terminates.

How do you get that transferred call (if not answered) to return to the secretary’s phone so she can let the customer know that there is no one at the desk.

Don’t transfer the call someplace that has no one there.

Set a destination on no answer.
Use a ring group or queue or pretty much any other option than an extension.

I tried that… The issue with that is that now the destination affects any call. Let me explain;

If I set it to a any other destination, lets say a queue. When the transferred call (made by the secretary) is not picked up it send it back to the set queue.
But lets say if extension X tries calling extension Y and no one picks up the call would then be sent to the queue set before which I do not want (in that case it should simply terminate the call).

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