Transfer problem


Jeg have a problem with transfering calls.

A calls B.
B want to transfer call to C.

B presses Transfer button
C’s extension
Transfer button

“Transfer failed” is shown in the B’s phone display, and C’s phone never rings.

If however B does:

B presses Transfer button
C’s extension
Waits for C to pick up the phone and then press Transfer it works.

Using freepbx 16.0.30

It worked in the old version of freepbx we were using. I don’t it’s version number but it was at least 10 years old.

We are using Aastra and sangoma phones.

Is there any way to get back to old way.

Thanks in advance.


You’ll need to provide some asterisk or SIP logs of this happening if you’d like anyone here to help.

What does “Jeg” mean?

You have’t told us what sort of phone they are. They could be analogue, for all we know, or how the transfer was implemented. It doesn’t sound like a short code key with the feature code, though.

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