Transfer is not being recorded correctly

Hi all ,

I am just facing issue while I use transfer button from Yealink phone the transferred part is not being recorded howerver that the call being recorded from the beginning ,but when the user start to transfer I just get a Dead Air inside the recording file . Do we have a tweak for this or what should I do ?

Thank you

Hi @ashehata
I think you have start to digging your Yealnk Phone call(s) recording issue from Phone side…

1st- You have to find call recording difference is ? Is end-point (phone side ) what type call transfer they are doing. Blind Transfer or Attended Transfer… and Then you have to see when is recording when is not ( which type call transfer attempt is issue )…

2nd- Check you FreePBX modules maybe your module is old,. You have to update all modules is best for you… Im not sure but i think Call Recording Module is not free you have to pay it.



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