Transfer First Call Before Answering Incoming Call

How do you transfer the active call you have before answering the incoming call. The transfer button normally does this fine but not when a call is coming in. I tried turning off call waiting and adding an second line (even added second extension/acct) to both FreePBX and Phone but still just places current active call on hold instead of transferring. Turned off semi and full attended transfer option on Yealink phone as well T48G. Thank you in advance for any help.

On my old T26P, while on a call with another coming in, I can press TRAN, dial an extension or external number, press TRAN again then press Answer. It all works as expected.

What you do see/hear when you attempt to do this? Can you post a log of a failing call?

It places the call on hold and then dials the extension selected after pressing transfer button and even pushing transfer again like attended transfer it does nothing.

The Yealink T48G requires that you touch the screen on the first call to get options for transferring the first call as it defaults to the incoming call “tab” on the screen when a call waiting call is coming in. Figured it out. Not sure I care for this option but it does work as we both thought it should when on the first call’s “tab”. Worth noting that touch screen phones may have this quirk on other models/brands.

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